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Unity 3D Asset Server

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Today we’re excited to have released Unity Asset Server 2.0! This is a free update for all existing users of the Unity Asset Server and it offers the following new features:

The Unity Asset Server can now be hosted on Windows! (in addition to Mac OS X and Linux as before)

The Unity Asset Server can now be hosted on Debian-based Linux distributions as well.

The Unity Asset Server now uses an updated version of PostgreSQL.

When used with Unity 2.6 (and later) the Unity Asset Server now offers faster check-in times.

There are tools to help simply the backup and restoration of Asset Server databases.

Unity Asset Cache Server

The Unity Asset Cache Server drastically reduces the time it takes to import assets when working in large teams. It makes it easier to control the schedule of complex, multi-team projects. When working in large teams it is unavoidable that everyone has to repeatedly import the same assets. The Unity Asset Cache Server facilitates a more smooth and time saving sharing of asset imports between projects and folders. Switching between different platforms takes minutes instead of hours on large scale projects, and, once you set it up, the Asset Cache Server works away in the background to reduce wait times, without getting in your way.

Download Cache Server

Unity Asset Server

Unity Asset Server is is a simple yet powerful version control server for game assets and scripts. With the Team License add-on for Unity and Unity Pro, your team can work together locally and remotely. Unity Asset Server is available as Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X Installers and as Linux RPM, Debian, and source code packages.

Integrated and Immediate

Updates, commits, and graphical version comparisons are all performed inside the Unity Editor. When files are modified, their status is updated instantly. Renaming and moving assets is handled elegantly and seamlessly.

Open Source Server

The enterprise-level database PostgreSQL powers Unity Asset Server. PostgreSQL is famous for reliability, data integrity, and easy administration and backups. PostgreSQL handles the workloads of enormous projects.

Optimized for Big Projects

Projects with thousands of multi-gigabyte files are handled with ease by using an API for integrating 3rd party version control solutions with Unity.


Скачать Unity 3D Asset Server
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Скриншоты к Unity 3D Asset ServerСкриншоты к Unity 3D Asset Server
Скачать Unity 3D Asset Server

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